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SPN J2 Big Bang 2016 Art for The King and the Lionheart by Pathossam
Silent Bob
Another year another SPN/J2 Big Bang. This year I switched it up and went back to making art and I was lucky enough to be a pinch hit artist who jumped on the chance to work with pathossam and her amazing story, just from a short description I knew it was something that I wanted to read and I got ideas for the art just from said description. I was right, the story ended up being fantastic and we had a great collaboration going. She made it very easy for me to create this art.

pathossam so make sure you check out her story, it's definitely worth it.

Many thanks to wendy for her continuously fantastic job of putting all of this together.

Animated Poster

Animated Poster photo Animated Poster_zpspmnzqjbp.gif


Poster photo Poster 2_zpsvuinjsjh.jpg


Part 1 Header photo Part 1 Header_zpsw6gmu3e5.gif

 photo Part 2 Header_zps75bbh8h9.gif

Epilogue Header photo Epilogue Header_zpsntirnusc.gif


Divider 1 photo Divider 1_zpsm08suzka.jpg

Divider 2 photo Divider 2_zps7io5c9un.jpg


Dean Icon photo Icon 2_zpsxl7xbyll.jpg

Sam Icon photo Icon 1_zpsznonbzdq.jpg

Bonus Poster

Bonus Poster photo Bonus_zpsbfhiaddu.jpg

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Oh, I love the animated art, the composition and colours are fabulous! Can't wait to read the story.

Thank you so much. I love making these, they're time consuming but so worth it.

You are such a talented, wonderful human being. Thanks for all your hard work and beautiful art. Again, it was such a pleasure to work with you!! Thank you for taking my story and making it visually stunning! Xoxoxo

Stunning art, but I can't see anything except for the animated and the bonus poster :(

Thank you, I'm so glad you like it.
I think I've fixed the problem of why some of the pics were not showing up.

Yep, it's working!! Thanks for fixing it!

Wow these are amazing! I love how you have Crowley and Cas fading to black in the first one.

I can't actually see the headers, dividers and icons for some reason.

Thanks, I'm so happy you like them.

I think I've fixed the problem of the invisible art, hopefully :D

These are amazing!! I can only see the posters, though, unfortunately.

Thank you :D
Hopefully the problem is fixed, I'm not very good at coding etc. Hope they're visible now.

Thank you so much, I appreciate that :D

Your art is amazing. Kudos on a job well done!

Thank you, I appreciate that.

Thanks so much, I'm so glad that you like them.

I loved the style of the art and the animations are quite cleverly done. Beautiful job.

Thank you :D I'm glad that you like because they were so much fun to make.

Wow! I'm absolutely blown away. Gorgeous art and good use of animation. I think that animation runs the risk of being gimmicky, but yours isn't at all. The art is still very beautiful. Awesome work.

Thank you so much, I'm happy you liked it. I was a little worried about the animations to begin with, not only are they time consuming they don't always work but I think these ones do.

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